Greeting Cards
We offer a broad and very popular selection of cards for most occasions including assortments from Mincing Mockingbird, PicturaUSA,  Leanin' Tree, Paper Lane, Sacramento's Susanne George and UWPLuxe.  

New... exquisite and exceptional items for gift or personal pleasure from UWP LUXE Fine Paper & Soap. Pure Alchemy dimensional greeting cards with themes "Alpaca", "Enjoy the Ride", "Jellyfish", "Go Wild", and "Dream Big." Offered at $7.99 each. (Also check out our artisan crafted soaps in intricate laser-cut, five-layered boxes offered in the Person Accessories area. 
Enjoy the LUXE life at PGG.
Dream Big   (blank inside)
Alpaca  "Happy Birthday"
Go Wild.
Enjoy the Ride   (blank inside)
Jellyfish   If a jellyfish stung you...

Mincing Mockingbird... artistic, ...Profound, and often times embarrassingly funny 
  ...Their most popular being the stylized and
downright classy, yet affordable greetings

Leanin' Tree
...Something for everyone, but we've 
selected the very best

and Sacramento artist:
Susanne George
...  with a wonderful selection of her own mystical or sometimes amusing artwork refashioned to be your 
         favorite greeting cards.
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